Château du Domaine du Ciran, Conservatoire de la faune et la flore de Sologne © Domaine du Ciran

The Domaine of Ciran : Unique conservatory in Sologne

Enjoy a day in nature and head to the Domaine du Ciran!

Discover a unique place where Sologne's wildlife is preserved. Enjoy a hike in the forest, a picnic by the ponds or try to observe deer in the park. The Ciran offers fun activities, from Easter egg hunting to treasure hunts, to have fun with the kids all year round.

Do you love nature? Explore and observe the animals in the privacy of this conservatory.

A certified estate

Just 30 minutes from Orléans, discover the Domaine du Ciran and Sologne’s different aspects: its forests, its ponds, its plains… and its small residents. Open your eyes, open your ears, and take the time to observe what is around you. From the smallest bird to the majestic deer, through the beauty of century-old trees, there is something to marvel at in every corner. 

Acquired in 1977 by the Sologne foundation, the Ciran estate plays an important role: to value Sologne and its natural environment to better protect it. It has been the Sologne wildlife conservatory for 40 years and has also been labeled "Sensitive natural area" by the Loiret department.

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Cerf du Domaine du Ciran, Conservatoire de la faune et la flore de Sologne © Domaine du Ciran

Animals of Ciran

Meet donkeys, Sologne breed sheep, and majestic deer throughout your visit. Observe over 130 species of birds that live together all year round on this breathtaking domain.


Discover an 8-hectare park, unique in Sologne, where about fifteen deer are bred in their natural habitat. See them more closely, each school holiday, during their feeding time (Monday to Friday, at 4:30 pm).

An important time for deer (and all nature lovers): the deer slab. The mating season happens between mid-September and early October. During these few weeks, male deer scream to attract females and intimidate other males.

Groupe de biches du Domaine du Ciran, Conservatoire de la faune et la flore de Sologne © Domaine du Ciran

Hikes for the whole family

Would you like to stretch your legs in nature? Come and walk the paths of the Domaine du Ciran and observe the wildlife that surrounds you. Walk in the forest, observe animals in the pastures and then rest on the edge of a pond.

Walk freely, in the privacy of this 300 hectares conservatory, on loops 2 to 5 kilometers long. Little ones and grown-ups will enjoy games designed to discover the Sologne territory. Toddlers can try the senses initiation path, while older ones can take a quiz on the discovery path. This game about nature will make the whole family aware of the importance of preserving our lands, all while having fun.

Famille jouant sur le sentier de randonnée ludique du Domaine du Ciran, en Sologne © OT Portes de Sologne - Luis Patarata


As a couple, a group, with family or with friends, why not extend the moment by staying in one of the estate's accommodations? Also enjoy the reception rooms for all your events.


Group accommodations

Do you need accommodation for a group? Stay on The Ciran’s nineteenth century castle’s upstairs floor. Accommodates up to 40 people, divided into 10 rooms. This cottage is for rent along with the reception room “l'Orangerie” (capacity: 60 people).

Or stay in the old gamekeeper's house. It accommodates up to 25 people, divided into 5 bedrooms; this cottage is for rent along with the reception room “la Grange” (capacity: 60 people).

Wooden houses

For a night, a weekend, or a week, enjoy the wooden houses in a unique setting. These fully equipped accommodations accommodate between 4 and 6 people.

The campsite

The Ciran campsite offers several types of accommodations: canvas houses, collective tents (up to 12 people) and up to 30 pitches (the campsite is open from April 1st to October 31st).

Tente du camping du Domaine du Ciran, Conservatoire de la faune et la flore de Sologne © Domaine du Ciran
Practical information

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