Four de la Tuilerie de la Bretèche de Ligny-le-Ribault © D.Darrault - Marque Sologne

The Tuilerie de la Bretèche : an ancient know-how

Lovers of old crafts and know-how will be happy at the Tuilerie de la Bretèche. Last brick factory still in operation in Sologne, located in Ligny-le-Ribault, a small village at the Portes de Sologne.

True artistic profession

The Tuilerie de la Bretèche  advocates respect for the traditions of Sologne, it puts craftsmanship in the spotlight on a daily basis. Discover every stage of Sologne’s famous brick and tile manufacture in this brick factory.

Everything is meticulously detailed to make them authentic and unique:  their differences in color, cutting, molding, drying, cooking the old-fashioned way… Experience it with your own eyes and listen to simple and quality explanations to detail these different operations.

Ouvriers travaillant les briques à la Tuilerie de la Bretèche de Ligny-le-Ribault © D.Darrault - Marque Sologne

Know-how passed down from generation to generation.

This family business, founded in 1890, is also classified as a historical monument. True living memory of the work of yesteryear, it is known and recognized for the restoration and development of prestigious places such as the castles of Versailles and Fontainebleau, but also the Loire castles and Invalides or Gobelins. But that's not all, they also work for beautiful mansions, giving them that typical feel of Sologne villages.

Finally, this family business was awarded the “living heritagelabel in March 2007. Various documentaries have already been made, on mainstream channels, advertising their merits. Discover more!

Ouvrier façonnant la brique à la main à la Tuilerie de la Bretèche de Ligny-le-Ribault © D.Darrault - Marque Sologne

A must see!

Are you staying in Sologne? Do you like history and architecture ? Are you looking for a new and authentic experience ? Do not miss out on this incredible Sologne heritage site. If you were hesitating, go for it!

Book now at the Tuilerie de la Bretèche and visit this family-run craft company thanks to which most of our sumptuous monuments in the Loire Valley and far beyond were able to see the light of day.

A great and unusual way to go back in time!

Visite en groupe de la Tuilerie de la Bretèche, à Ligny-le-Ribault © OT des Portes de Sologne - F.Prognon

Please note: visits are possible throughout the year by reservation only for groups of 5 people or more.

Tuilerie de la Bretèche, 45240 Ligny-le-Ribault