Come and visit Jouy-le-Potier, a pottery village at the Portes de Sologne, with a well-defined natural and architectural heritage!

A village with ancient origins

The town of Jouy-le-Potier exists since Gallo-Roman times: its name "Jouy" comes from Latin “Jovi”, Romans had erected a sanctuary for the God “Jupiter” here, as shown by the cemetery gate pillars.

The form “Jouy-le-Potier” appeared at the beginning of the 14th century when the village became an important pottery center. This activity disappeared at the end of the 16th century, but Sologne’s clay work continues with the brick and tile industry, once very present in town.

A historical village

Jouy-le-Potier offers lots of remarkable places such as its brick kiln in the Cendray tile factory. Built in 1849 for the restoration needs of the Cendray Castle, it was renovated by volunteers in the 1980s.

Also discover many old half-timbered houses (such as the Squirrel house) or brick houses (such as the Fountain house), its Sologne tramway station dating back from the 20th century, which allowed to reach Orléans and Romorantin, the Church of Saint-Pierre whose oldest parts date back to the 12th century, its open hall, the Castle of Lude, …

A village in the middle of nature.

This village also has typically Sologne landscape treasures such as the Champs Breton and its pond, or the Duveau loop, new Portes de Sologne hiking trail oscillating between forests, fields and village areas, enjoyable on foot, on a bike or on horseback.

Let's not forget about the splendid Gardens of Chantal, which will delight your senses! Would like a trip in the air? Contact Les Ballons de Loire and enjoy a breathtaking view of Sologne landscapes and Loire castles. Walk this rich potter’s village!

Briqueterie artisanale à Jouy-le-Potier, village de Sologne © Jean PUYO