Balade en groupe au château de la ferté Saint Aubin © OT des Portes de Sologne

The Castle of La Ferté through the seasons !

Located at the Portes de Sologne, the Castle of La Ferté-Saint-Aubin is not just a historical site, it is also a monument renowned for its many entertainments throughout the year! Escape Games, Cocolympics, Cocorico Electro, Christmas at the Castle will leave you dreaming... Let the magic of this enchanting, historical and entertaining place happen!

The Castle in the Spring

Have fun with your family during Easter at Castle of La Ferté Saint Aubin!

Whether for the Great Egg Hunt or for an investigation searching for the Golden Egg Hen, everyone will have fun in the Castle of la Ferté, a place full of history!

This year, on May 13, the Cocolympics will take place for the first time! A way to open and announce the impending Cocorico Electro festival [event postponed to Saturday, July 8, 2023]

What are the cocolympics? A 3km obstacle course spread over the castle’s entire estate, departing every 30min starting at 4pm. Upon arrival, find a food truck, chill activities, music, … but that’s not all! At 7pm, a crazy electro DJ set will make you hit the dancefloor. Also find the Garden Parties' unmissable bar! Write it down on your calendars and get your costumes ready!

Chasse aux oeufs de Pâques au Château de La Ferté Saint-Aubin © Tous au Château

The Castle in the Summer

In the summer, the Castle's opening hours and programming change! The whole estate is open to visit, the poison paths and escape games are accessible, the free visit is back, and the famous entertainment around Sologne honey madeleines in the kitchens of the castle makes its big return!

On July, the Castle welcomes the Cocorico Electro festival! A famous event where French DJs put on a real show. This 3-day event is an opportunity for "Cocos & Cocottes" to gather around electro sets and entertainment in the "cocos' villages"!

To start off the new school year, in September, come and enjoy a Concert where you are the main character. You will have to help Madame Dessales, owner of the castle in 1890, whose staff and distinguished guests are busy preparing for her young protege’s wedding. They face a facetious music lover ghost. What will happen to them? It's up to you to transform the course of events! At the end, the castle’s terrace hosts a big concert with the band "Ensemble Vocal Ephémères", 15 singers, 4 instrumentalists for a magical evening!

Festival du Cocorico Electro devant le Château de La Ferté Saint-Aubin © Château La Ferté Saint-Aubin

The Castle in Autumn

Who says autumn says Halloween and who says Halloween says Ghosts at the Castle of la Ferté-Saint-Aubin.

Would you like to be scared? During the autumn holydays, the Castle offers night visits in a scary and dangerous atmosphere … Come lift the curse that weighs on the castle and its occupants because of the old owner’s ghost … A scary and mysterious experience where everybody wins.

Acteurs de l'Escape Game du Château de La Ferté Saint-Aubin © Tous au Château

The Castle in the Winter

The  Castle of la Ferté-Saint-Aubin is filled with Christmas colors to enchant little ones and grown-ups during Christmas celebrations and its traditional "Christmas at the Castle". Enjoy this magical historical setting and become a child again!

What is better than a few riddles to keep your child's soul alive? A challenge awaits you: to save Christmas, come help the man in red. Santa needs you to distribute the gifts in time to all the good children. Will you be able to save Christmas?

During the February holidays, the Castle invites you to "Murder at the Castle": an immersive investigation Giant Cluedo-style. The opportunity for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to show off all their skills!  Discover plot and confuse the culprit!

You got it, venturing to the Castle of La Ferté is a guarantee to spend unforgettable moments with family that can be renewed each season! 

Extérieur du Château de La Ferté Saint-Aubin décoré pour noel © Tous au Château