Discover the town of Ardon spread over more than 5,300 hectares, a true entryway to Sologne, with its many natural, historical and leisure resources. You will love it all year long!


Etymologically, Ardon comes from the Latin “Ardunum” which means “in front of the fortress”. The Ardoux passes through a big part of this town, it is a small watercourse that seems to originate in Étang Neuf.

Peculiarities of this Sologne village

The town has over 1100 residents, and many specificities and facilities!

One of the most striking and visible features of Ardon is the presence, in the village center and in its more distant districts, of “old-fashioned” painted wooden signs showing traders, hamlets, places, individuals, …

Ardon a leisure village

The town offers many leisure facilities, such as the wellness center Les Balnéades, the Golf de Limère, the Parc Départemental des Dolines de Limère where you will discover what a Doline is. Also relax and fish at the communal ponds, visit the park on foot, on a bike or on horseback and discover the washhouse on the banks of the Ardoux!

Visit this charming village at the Portes de Sologne!

Eglise d'Ardon, village de Sologne © Jean PUYO