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Deer slab : Come and live an unusual nature moment in Sologne


An important time for deer (and all nature lovers): the deer slab. Between September and October, the mating season takes place. During these few weeks, male deer scream to attract females and intimidate other males.

Would you like to experience this unique moment at the Portes de Sologne? Here are all the practical information to prepare for this moment.


When ?

In early autumn, from mid-September to early October, when Sologne's colors start to beautifully change. At the first light of day or at the last rays of sun, the forest comes alive under the first calls of male deer. Males become restless to impress the females and show off all their power. Open your eyes wide, listen carefully and you may be lucky enough to see or hear one of these majestic deer.

With whom ?

For a beautiful experience, we advise you to be accompanied by a professional nature guide from the nature protection association (Sologne nature environment) … These enthusiasts take you in small groups to discover the deer slab during a quiet walk. They will share their knowledge of Sologne's wildlife and let you observe and listen.

Some associations organize walks around this time: 

- The Domaine du Ciran in Ménestreau-en-Villette   
- The Ligny-le-Ribault Eco museum

Brame du cerf en Sologne © Freepik


During this critical time for deer reproduction, animals are very sensitive. It is of the utmost importance be discreet and silent so as not to disturb them. You should also wear dark-colored clothes, not to wear perfume, not to use flash when taking pictures, etc. so that you see them without being seen and hear them without being heard.

Follow in the footsteps of the king of the forest and live an unusual moment on the edge of the Sologne woods. But don't forget you are on their territory; please respect the animals and nature around them!

Combat de cerfs pendant le brame © Freepik