A true village of character, Sennely is almost entirely covered by forest, crossed by the Cosson and crisscrossed by hiking trails. Need a break? Sink into this captivating green setting

A village surrounded by nature.

When calm and serenity are your motto, Sennely is for you in. Enter the village, and find the Domaine de Villechaume, a place gathering an inn, a campsite, a restaurant la Grignotte, a mini-golf and a pond, perfect to have fun and relax!

There is a path and many opportunities to stop by in captivating and charming nature around the Villechaume pond. Experience a moment outside of time, a true green interlude.

Fishing being allowed at the Villechaume pond: fishing lovers will also find their happiness here and appreciate the sweetness of nature, .

Hiking trails

Etang de Sennely, village de Sologne © Jean PUYO

Hiking trails

Where there is nature there are hiking trails. They go through local forests and are ideal to peacefully enjoy the wildlife surrounding you, since they are not very busy.

The perfect little Sologne village

Sennely stands out from other villages of the Portes de Sologne because of its omnipresent plant scenery. The village is essentially centered around its market town, made of two local shops and a post office. 

Enjoy the beauty of the Saint John the Baptist church dating back from the 12th and 13th centuries, revealing Sologne know-how. Town center houses are all made of bricks. An architectural fact which makes sense in the Region; Sennely having had at the time its own brick factory, like many other Sologne villages. Some are covered in brightly colored coatings, such as the village's former bar/restaurant. 

All of this makes Sennely a charming village where life is good. Discover this village where nature is everywhere!


Eglise de Sennely, village de Sologne © Jean PUYO