Pêcheur à La Ferté Saint-Aubin, village de Sologne © Jean PUYO

Pond fishing :
a tradition in Sologne

Sologne, its forests, its plains but also … its ponds ! While you are here, don’t miss out on our ponds, there are no less than 3000 in Sologne … an ideal playground for a fishing day ! Did you know ? Fishing is one of the oldest Sologne traditions. Why not take the opportunity to try it with family or friends. In the heart of an exceptional natural heritage, the communal ponds of the Portes de Sologne will offer you a moment out of time. Enjoy the simple pleasures of a day by the water, observing the wildlife surrounding you. Carps, carnivorous fish, and other fish will challenge you in the ponds of Sologne !

The Portes de Sologne communal ponds : Discover all the area’s communal ponds (look at the signs nearby to learn about the regulation in force).

The municipal ponds of the Portes de Sologne

Discover all the municipal ponds in the territory (do not hesitate to consult the signs nearby to find out about the regulations in force).

- Etang Route d'Olivet
- Etang Route de Marcilly

Jouy-le-Potier : 
- Etang du Champs des Bretons

Ligny-le-Ribault : 
- Parcours de Santé
- Bords du Cosson du Pré des Saules

La Ferté Saint-Aubin : 
- Etang des Aisses
- Bords du Cosson

Marcilly-en-Villette : 
- Etang de la Croix

Ménestreau-en-Villette : 
- Etangs du Cougnou

- Etang de Villechaume

Pêcheur à l'étang d'Ardon, village de Sologne © Jean PUYO

Useful information

Let us give you some tips to prepare for your fishing day !

La carte de pêche ?

To be able to fish, you must acquire a daily, monthly, or yearly fishing card. Do not hesitate to ask, there are preferential rates for children under 12, young people and women wishing to discover this sport. More information on prices at : https://federationpeche45.fr/infos-pratiques/ 

Purchase your fishing card at the store “Les Briconautes” in La Ferté Saint-Aubin (7 place de la Halle).

What about regulation ?

To know the fishing regulation in force on a communal pond, refer to the signs around it. In the Loiret, this regulation is defined by the environmental code (Fisheries Act) and by prefectural decrees. Find all the information on : https://federationpeche45.fr/reglementation-generale-2/

When to fish ? At what time ?

Fishing is allowed starting half an hour before sunrise and until half an hour after sunset.

Famille avec enfants admirant l'étang des Aisses de La Ferté Saint-Aubin © Jean PUYO